Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work on Blogger blogs?
Yes, at this time I only work with Blogger blogs.

How long does the design process take?
It depends, but typically your design will be completed in 7-10 days. Please make sure to check your email often during the design process, as that will help keep things flowing smoothly.

How will I know if I like the blog you designed for me before you upload it to my site?
While I am designing your blog, I upload your design to my Blogger testing site. You will be able to see exactly what your blog will look like- with the exception of your own posts, links, and profile. I will then send you a link where you can preview your new design.

How will I pay you?
Once we've decided to work together and you have picked out your kit, I will send you an invoice through PayPal for half of the design fee and the cost of the digital kit. After you have viewed and approved your design, I will send you an invoice through PayPal for the remaining amount. Once the final payment has been made I will then upload your design to your blog!

What is a digital kit and why do I need one?
I use digital scrapbook kits created by different designers to come up the the design for your blog. A kit consists of background papers and different elements such as frames, ribbons, buttons, bows, etc. When you find a kit you love, then I will send you a design questionnaire to fill out and let me know what you love about that kit and the things you don't particularly care for. The cost of the digital kit and any permission fees from that designer will be added to the total of your blog design. Check the approved designers page for more info on where to find a kit.

Will I get a copy of the digital kit?
According to the designers' Terms of Use, each kit can only be used once, so I will not be able to share the files.

Will I be able to change the photos in my design?
Once your design is installed your files are deleted, which means I would not be able to change your pictures. However, for $10, I can store your files so that your pictures can be updated for a small fee. Please be sure to notify me when you place your order that you would like your files stored.

Please email me with any other questions!